El Salitre

The El Salitre suspended bridge is a 70 meter long pedestrian bridge located a mile south of Joyabaj, Guatemala. This bridge hangs over the Rio Arco connecting the La Tribuna, Joyabaj community to the Salitre district in Chosavic. Approximately forty-five families are affected by this bridge. Their commute to Joyabaj has been cut from a two hour drive to a twenty minute walk. These families now have convenient access to the hospitals, markets, and schools located in Joyabaj. The bridge will be available throughout the wet and dry seasons for years to come.

Project Manager: Marlena Trier

Faculty Advisor: Douglas C. Stahl, Ph.D.

Responsible Engineer in Charge: Michelle Gehrke, PE

Structural Design Mentor: Michelle Gehrke, PE

Geotechnical Design Mentor: John Siwula, PE

Water Resources Design Mentor: Gary Raasch, PE, CFM


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Beam Spreading

Spacing the cross beams to support the deck.