The Chitom School in the municipality of Joyabaj, Guatemala is a one-story confined masonry structure. The project includes a retaining wall structure consisting of masonry with tension ties and an on-site wastewater system consisting of a septic tank with field lines. Prior to the construction of the project, an existing school consisted of two teachers and 61 students meeting in a community salon divided into two rooms. The project provided the community with a more formal learning environment for the students in the community as well as improved sanitation.

We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the EWB-Wisconsin Professional Partners on this project. They provided funds, design mentorship, and travel mentorship, and this project would not have been possible without them.

Project Manager: Lauren Itzin

Faculty Advisor: Todd M. Davis, Ph.D.

Responsible Engineer in Charge: Max Schmiege, PE

Structural Design Mentor: Martin Aquino, PE

Water Resources Design Mentor: Doug Nelson


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Retaining Wall

Rebar bent to account for the higher part that could not be excavated further for the retaining wall footing.