The Chiaj Vehicular Bridge is a steel-reinforced concrete bridge located in the municipality of Joyabaj, Guatemala. The bridge crosses a river that regularly floods during the wet season between the months of December and April, and is difficult to pass either on foot or by vehicle. The bridge will service the community of Paraje Chiaj and its neighboring communities, and will provide reliable, year-round travel to education, healthcare, and economic development. The residents of the community desire the ability to travel to Joyabaj for their larger regional hospital and markets. The bridge will become a much more reliable means of crossing the river than the existing footbridge, which can see one to two feet of water above the bridge during the wet season.


Project Manager: George Evers

Faculty Advisor: Todd Davis, Ph.D., PE

Responsible Engineer in Charge: Gary Raasch, PE, CFM

Geotechnical Design Mentor: John Siwula, PE

Water Resources Design Mentor: Gary Raasch, PE, CFM


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Trip 1 Students with Chiaj Mayor, Santos Velasquez Saban